When I use niche in the title, I don’t mean like where to live or anything, I mean what you like to do as a hobby.

I have been struggling with this, I’ve been experimenting a bit and talking about it (kind of) with my friends, and they’ve been saying like “EVERYONE’S SUPER AESTHETIC AND I’M TRASH WHAT WILL I DO!” I don’t mean to mock them, by the way.

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I am very guilty of procrastination.

Also, happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Anyways, what was I saying? Oh right, I procrastinate a LOT. Like, if I had a dollar for everyday I procrastinate, I’d have one, ’cause I NEVER STOP DOING IT HA

That didn’t make sense! Oh, and the picture is Dan Howell, some British loser who talked about an existential crisis in his video (that was the thumbnail lol)

It doesn’t suit the topic, doesn’t it? Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

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Hello! This is my second post and if you want to see my first post, you can click here! I’d really appreciate if you’d check it out ’cause I gotta get that self-promo, I just started blogging today and it has a lot of info about this blog and me so…

As you obviously already know, it’s the new year! For most people, you immediately jump on that “new year, new me” train. Well… most of the time you stay the same person you’ve always been. Anyways, let’s talk about what to expect in 2017.

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