“Kalopsia”is a Greek word meaning: the delusion of things being more beautiful than they already are. This was going to be just “kalopsia,” but someone beat me to it. Darn.

I am Misaki Nakamura, and no that is not my real name, just an alias. I originally planned to start my blog in 2018, but conspiracy theories spooked me and I decided, welp. I might die soon sO LET’S START THAT BLOG.

I will post weekly, mostly on a Saturday or if there’s any important event for me, you can bet I’ll be there to post something. I might post twice a week ’cause why the hell not!

I mainly wanted this blog to help me become a better person and some other reasons, but yeah. I explained a lot in my first post. If you scroll ALL the way down and go to categories, you will see something that says “my first post.” That’s where my first post (if you’re clueless sorry if I offended you m8) and you can find info! Yay.

Just some general info about me, I love cats, I love anime, I’m bi (I’m really gay tho), I’m trash, I enjoy writing, I’m a Scorpio, and I’m an idiot. I’m a pessimist but it’s not too severe where I just completely ruin the mood.

Let’s be idiots together!