Lately, I haven’t been active on WordPress because *drumroll* I’m uninspired!!!!! Yay! Trying to perfect my writing also might contribute to the fact that I’ve been inactive, though I don’t think anyone would care. But if you do care, boy I have something for you! Oh yeah!!! Am I smooth or what?

Obviously, I’m uninspired. I want to make quality content, but what’s the point of doing so when you have adequate writing? So… I think what I should do is write some pieces here, if I’m brave enough, I loathe showing my own creations to people, I only do it when I think it’s really good (which happens rarely). I have tried to spice up my posts with something new, but no one saw or cared lol which was sad because I put a lot of thought into it.

I feel like an arrogant turd writing this. Like yeah, I get low A’s on my writing and though they’re still A’s, I do want to improve because I have a newfound love and passion for writing. And besides, there’s nothing wrong with trying to make the best version of yourself, right?

Another reason I feel like I’m acting like a turd is because I was complaining that nobody saw the post I worked hard on and put lots of thought into. I mean, when you think about it, don’t you want people to see something you’re proud of? Like those occasional narcissistic thoughts overtake your subconscious? I can’t be the only one who has those,  even though I always shrug it off. Don’t judge me, I’m willing to share my flaws out there, but at least I’m not giving any personal info like my full name, my family, where I live, my phone number, etc.

So, I’m going to try and challenge myself to write, write, and write until I become a great writer. I’ve been writing two stories, I love both, but I don’t think I’m ready to share. It’s in first draft mode I feel like it’s slightly cringey but hey, it’s probably because I never think highly of myself. Oh, I forgot to mention, I’ve also been watching people dance on YouTube *coughcough1MILLIONDanceStudiocoughcough* ahem, sorry. *ANOTHERCOUGHANOTHERCOUGHSoriNaISTHELOVEOFMYLIFEMYQUEEN* I don’t know why I was coughing a lot, do I have something lodged in my throat?

Back to the topic, starting from now on, maybe once a month or every other week I will google a little creative prompt (or maybe someone can decide idk if anyone wants to reach out), and I will just write. This saying is way to cliche and overused, but practice makes perfect, right? Anyways, I think this will motivate me and will be a great opportunity to not only find what I like and will become my niche, but I can also experiment with my writing style, add some “flavah.” As I said to my friend one time when she was trying to find what hobby she liked:

“You have to put yourself out there. The only way to find out what you enjoy as a hobby is to experiment. Find an general activity you fully immerse yourself into and stick with it. And no, reading yaoi at 3 a.m. does NOT count.” ―Wise words of Misaki~

And it’s about time I listen to my own advice. As ditzy and stupid as I make myself out to be, I’m listening to my own advice and WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!

Hey, if you made it down here, I just want to say thank you for taking your time to read my post/mini-rant and realization, you are awesome. If new, do all those things youtubers always tell you to do and is always annoying though it makes their channel grow and they’ll feel better about themselves so you will give me confidence if you follow me haha self-promos are gr9 but I’ll see you when I write that crafty post BYEEEEEEE! ❤

Wishing you the best.

P.S. Unimportant announcement, but after looking at this and reading it more thoroughly I decided I will post once a week on Saturdays because quality over quantity, right? Okay, bye for now! ❤


One thought on “I’M UNINSPIRED. TIME TO WRITE!!!

  1. I totally understand the feeling hun, I usually write once a week or else it can become overwhelming at times.. I think this helps as you don’t feel as pressurised but still will be able to enjoy the blogging experience.. ☺️ xx


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